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Thanakupi – one of the Legends of Cape York

Gloria Fletcher-James or Thanakupi, as she is known, is an a woman of enormous importance in Cape York Peninsula; a strong character who has encouraged others, developed programs and actively worked to sustain her indigenous culture, language and identity.   Thanakupi is a distinguished ambassador, cultural educator and community elder and has also gained momentous […]

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Teddy calls Kowanyama home

By Melinda Johnson With a population of approximately 1200 people, Kowanyama is a remote Aboriginal community located on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, approximately 604km north-west of Cairns. Kowanyama consists of three main tribes Kokominjena, Kokoberra and Kunjen. In the Yir-Yoront language, Kowanyama means – The place of many waters. Kowanyama is […]

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Aurukun Wetlands- Breathtaking Beauty

By Tim O’Reilly In this piece, we offer you an insight into what makes a Wetland Charter on board the MV Pikkuw so special. A chance to glimpse some of the more positive aspects of the Aurukun community and the Wik people residing there. The community, despite its widely reported social difficulties, can be a […]

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A link in the Chain

‘Anything the boys had, I had. They had a bow and arrow. I had a bow and arrow which I made myself. I had a knife, spear and a clap (woomera). My brothers always say ‘Don’t follow us. Go back home; you’re a girl. Don’t follow us boys.’ People always ask, ‘Being the only girl, […]

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Croc Festival

The Croc Festival® is bigger than ten bears. The oval at the Western Cape College in Weipa is a sea of colour, the air thick with anticipation. Twelve hundred kids from all over Cape York and beyond have descended on the town to get a taste of the big, wide world. Heroic tales abound of […]

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